Festival Regulations

30.09 - 04.10.2020, Cluj-Napoca

Festival Regulations

Registration guide

Transilvania International Guitar Festival – virtual edition

the 30th of September – the 04th of October 2020, 18th edition

Cluj-Napoca, Romania & all around the world

Online edition Regulation

The 2020 edition will be held according to the distancing regulation, by online broadcasting of the recordings, through the festival's website, on Youtube channel and Facebook page, as well as by holding online masterclasses, on Skype or Zoom platforms.

The international jury will evaluate the participants' performances in real broadcasting time. The jury’s vote is announced as soon as the category is completed, and all ratings will be signed and published as soon as possible on the festival website. The registration page will be available between the 24th of August and the 13th of September 2020 on the festival's website.

The festival's participants are asked to upload their videos with the competition's program and/or the work for masterclasses. For improving the masterclasses' quality, the organization will anticipate sending the participants' videos to the masterclass’s lectors. The participants may (also) use the video sent for the competition. 

This regulation contains guidance and recommendations for making video recordings. 


1. Competition categories

2. Evaluation 

3. General rules for video recordings

4. Recommendations for making the video recordings

5. Registration for competitions and master class

6. Administrative aspects

7. Privacy Notice and Consent Form



1.1. The classical guitar competition has seven age categories with the following programs' duration: 

”Very Young” Category for competitors born on the 1st of January 2012 or younger: between 3 and 7 minutes

”Junior” Category for competitors born on the 1st of January 2010 or younger: between 4 and 8 minutes

I Category for competitors born on the 1st of January 2008 or younger: between 5 and 9 minutes

II Category for competitors born on the 1st of January 2006 or younger: between 7 and 11 minutes

III Category for competitors born on the 1st of January 2004 or younger: between 9 and 13 minutes

IV Category for competitors born on the 1st of January 2002 or younger: between 12 and 16 minutes

V Category without age limit. The V category will have two rounds. The competitors must upload two videos for both rounds, as follow: 

- for the first round, between 8 and 12 minutes

- for the second round, between 15 and 22 minutes. The program for the second round may include works performed already in the first round.

1.2. For all competitions the program is free. Anyway, one of the evaluation criteria is the diversity of the program and the stylistic realization.

1.3. The competitors may participate both in the competition of their age category and in the competition of the next age category; in this case, the contestants will pay the participation fee for both Categories, with a 10% discount for the total amount. 

1.4. The organization reserves the right to cancel a certain age category competition if the number of applicants is less than three. In this case, the festival secretary will refund the participation fees.

1.5. The "length of the program" (or "the program's duration") is the total time used for the musical performance, including the time between pieces. The time used for the introduction statement will not be counted as part of the program's duration. 

1.6. The video will be interrupted in case of exceeding the time limit of the program's duration with more than 60 seconds of the admitted length of the program.

1.7. By applying to enter the competition, competitors shall assume responsibility for compliance with competition rules. By signing the application form or by submitting the online application form through the www.transilvaniaguitar.ro website, each candidate agrees to accept these regulations and to resign all rights related to possible audio and video recordings. 

1.8. The competitors' video recordings will be broadcasted in alphabetical order of the competitors' last names. 

1.9. The First Place of the V Category will value 1000 EUROS. Also, there will be money prizes for all the categories. The money prizes are taxable, according to Romanian laws. 



2.1 The criteria for evaluation of contestants' performance sum 100 points as follow:

- the observance of the score: 15 points

- the diversity of the program and the stylistic realization: 20 points

- the quality of sound and technical accuracy: 20 points

- the difficulty and duration of the program: 20 points

- the artistic contribution, general performance, and ”stage” presence: 25 points

2.2 The result of the evaluation is expressed by points from 1 to 100, and it is determined by the average score (calculated to only two decimal digits) of the jury members, after excluding the highest and the lowest score.

2.3. The scoring of the juries and the public vote will determine several the awarded prizes, as follows:

2.3.1. Prizes determined by fulfilling the standards

- for Very Young, Junior and I categories:

- First Prize: 90 points or more

- Second Prize: from 80 to 89,99 points

- Third Prize: from 70 to 79,99

- Successful participation: score below 70 points

- for II, III, and IV categories:

- First Prize: 93 points or more

- Second Prize: from 86 to 92,99 points

- Third Prize: from 80 to 85,99

- Successful participation: score below 80 points

- for V category:

- First Prize: 95 points or more

- Second Prize: from 90 to 94,99 points

- Third Prize: from 85 to 89,99

- Successful participation: score below 85 points

2.3.2. Besides the prizes above, the first three competitors from each category will get the First Place, Second Place, and Third Place.

2.3.3. For each category, there will be also a poll system and an Audience Award, determined by the audience online vote. 

2.3.4. The sponsors and the organizers of the Festival may offer special prizes also.

2.4. The Prizes will be published as soon as the competition finishes, without showing or displaying the points. The individual point scores will not be published, but the participants can find out their own detailed score on the festival's website.

2.5. The jury will be formed by important figures of classical guitar and teachers of the participants.

2.6. The members of the jury are not entitled to score for their current or former students, or for their relatives participating in the contest. 

2.7 Any editions of the presented works are accepted; the candidate has to present the scores to the jury.

2.8 The jury's resolutions are final.



In order to be admitted to the competition, the recordings must meet the following requirements: 

3.1. to include the entire competition program (individual recordings are not allowed unless the program contains only one work)

3.2. has no recording interruptions (the video recordings made by assembling are not allowed) 

3.3. has no tampering or audio-video editing

3.4. has no play-back editing (it is allowed to use an external microphone, but, in this case, the audio and the video recordings have to be made at the same time)

3.5. the recording file must have the MP4 extension, to be in the 16:9 rate, in landscape format (not portrait), without zooming. 

3.6. the minimum resolution should be HD-Ready 720p (1280×720px), 30 fps. Higher resolutions are allowed, but the 16:9 rate should be preserved.

3.7. the frame should be stable, the face and hands of competitors should be clearly visible at all times

3.8. the distance from the camera to the performer should be not less than 2 meters and not more than 4 meters

3.9. Before starting to play, the candidate must announce his/her name and surname, and the recording's purpose (e.g. "My name is Joanna Smith and I'm recording this video for Transilvania Guitar Festival, 2020 edition") 



Several devices, like phones or handy cameras, could be used for the video recordings. Keep in mind that the evaluation of your performance will depend on the quality of the video recording. So,

4.1. it is recommended to use a tripod. Do not record holding your mobile device in your hand.

4.2 the recording device should be positioned in front of the performer, at 2 to 4 meters distance, at 100 to 150 centimeters height, in order to make visible the guitar, the hands and the face of the performer; the camera should be horizontal oriented, not focusing the ceiling or the floor, in order to have the performer in the center of the frame. 

4.3. pay attention to avoid the unwanted noises of phones, voices, steps, ventilation systems; keep the doors and windows closed, in order to avoid outside noises; also, avoid the rooms with big echo, like those plated with ceramic tiles on walls and floor. 

4.4. use a neutral background, without unnecessary items; a plain wall or a plain curtain should be enough.

4.5. avoid shooting against the light (e.g. competitors in front of the window), the camera should have the light behind. No light source should be seen in the video. 

4.6. use lots of light for video recording; the best option is to use the daylight; if this is not possible, use more lamps than usual. 

4.7. if using an external microphone, make sure this one is not obstructing the visibility of the essential elements, like the performer's hands, face, or guitar. 

4.8. the first recording might be not the best one; make several trial videos a few days or weeks before you want to shoot the final, competitive video. Watch, listen, analyze, to spot any errors. 



Registration guide

5.1. The number of participants is limited. The admission to participate depends on the succession of applications. The organizers will announce the termination of the registration on this site when the maximum number of participants is reached.

5.2. The masterclasses will be held on the online platform, such as Skype and Zoom. The master class's applicants are asked to upload their own video recording playing the work/s they want to study in masterclasses.

5.3. The Registration will be made in the interval between the 24th of August and the 13th of September by completing the following steps:

- paying the participation fee to ACT account; make sure to specify the name of the participant; the Stipend's beneficiaries of Transilvania International Guitar Festival are asked to pay only the fees that are not covered by the Stipend;

- filling the personal data in the Online Registration Form;

- uploading the requested scanned invoice in the Online Registration Form; the Stipend's beneficiaries of Transilvania International Guitar Festival are asked to upload also the scanned Stipend document or the scanned document of the decision to grant the Stipend;

- uploading the scanned participant's document of identity and the scanned document of the personal agreement for using the personal data in the Online Registration Form; 

- uploading the recording/s in the Online Registration Form.

The registration and the video files should be submitted between the 24th of October and the 13th of September 2020!

5.4. Participation fees:


Very Young Category: 30 Euro

Junior Category: 30 Euro

I Category I: 30 Euro

II Category: 30 Euro

III Category: 30 Euro

IV Category: 35 Euro

V Category: 45 Euro


- package M-2: 45 Euro - 2 meetings of 30 minutes each

- package M-3: 55 Euro - 3 meetings of 30 minutes each

- package M-4: 65 Euro - 4 meetings of 30 minutes each

- package M-5: 75 Euro - 5 meetings of 30 minutes each

5.5. The participation fee will be paid by bank transfer to one of TRANSILVANIA Guitar Association's accounts:

IBAN lei - Cod IBAN: RO12 BTRL 0130 1205 4334 05XX (Transilvania Bank)

IBAN Euro - Cod IBAN: RO58 BTRL 0130 4205 4334 05XX

SWIFT Code: BTRL RO 22 (Transilvania Bank)

C.I.F.: 18444715

5.6. The participation fees are not refundable.



6.1. The masterclasses' and competitions' schedules will be announced on this webpage and on the Facebook page of the festival. 

6.2. Should differences of opinion arise, only the Romanian version of these Festival Regulations shall be relevant.



7.1. Download the TRANSILVANIA Guitar Association Privacy Notice and Consent Form:
- Download file for child participant
- Download file for adult participant